Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for a Whisky Drinker

A drunk Santa lying in the snow with a bottle of whisky
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The obvious present choice for a whisky drinker at Christmas is, of course, a nice bottle of whisky… but if you are looking for something a bit more unique we have come up with some ideas for gifts that are a little more unique.

Whisky Experiences

These would make an excellent and fun gift for any whisky drinker with loads to choose from in various locations around the UK.

There are beginners guides, blending sessions, distillers tours, masterclasses and, of course, tasting sessions.

The cool thing about this is most are experiences for two so you can go along with your friend and loved one and reap the benefits of your own present buying!



A Bottle of Blend Your Own Whisky

This is a really cool idea from Master of Malt where you can select different ingredients to make your own blended whisky.

There are two options, you can either order a blending kit to make your own recipe first or you can just use the tool on their website to select the different percentages and then order a bottle of your creation.

This is a nice way to create something unique and thoughtful for someone who enjoys their whisky and we’re sure they’d be blown away by your originality!



Whisky Tours

What better gift for a whisky drinker than a trip to the promised land? This really is a step up from the standard bottle of single malt badly wrapped and stuck under the tree. Imagine them opening this up on Christmas day!

There are a range of options available from 1 day tours through to a massive 17 day extravaganza. The tours take in some of the best-loved Scottish whisky manufacturers including trips around the distilleries and of course, tasting sessions. Check them out below, these would go down a treat for  Scotch whisky lover, we can promise you that



A Bottle of Personalised Whisky

It’s always nice to add a personal touch to any gift and there is no better gift than a lovely bottle of Scotch whisky.

Rather than just presenting your loved one with a normal boring old bottle you can add your own message to the label.

They might treasure the bottle for the rest of their life… or they might open it and drink it on Christmas day. Either way it will be a memorable gift!



101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die Book & Tasting Sets

The book is by a bloke called Ian Buxton and is a careful rundown of the 101 whiskies he thinks you should try before you die (the title gives it away really!).

There are detailed descriptions and tasting notes for each one and you can get a tasting set of 10 whiskies to get the ball rolling.

It’s good to have goals in life.



Whisky Advent Calendars

Whisky advent calendar

There literally could not be a more perfect gift to give a whisky drinker at Christmas than these advent calendars.

Remember when you were small and you use to get really excited about opening the first window?

That euphoric feeling can be recaptured in adulthood! And it’s not some tiny chocolate that tastes like an Oxo cube behind the door; it’s a nice little bottle of whisky.

These calendars have a different miniature bottle of whisky behind the door for each day of Christmas and you can get loads of different varieties from Scotch or Bourbon only to mixtures and even non-whisky calendars.

You could really make someone’s Christmas with one of these.