What Whiskey Tastes Like: An Introduction

Contents1 What is whiskey/whisky?2 Types of whiskey2.1 Scotch Whisky2.1.1 What is it?2.1.2 What does Scotch whisky taste like?2.2 Irish Whiskey2.2.1 What is it?2.2.2 What does Irish whiskey taste like?2.3 Bourbon Whiskey2.3.1 What is it?2.3.2 What does bourbon whiskey taste like?2.4 Malt Whiskey2.4.1 What is it?2.4.2 What does Malt whiskey taste like?2.5 Rye Whiskey2.5.1 What is it?2.5.2 What does Rye whiskey taste like?2.6 Wheat Whiskey2.6.1 What is it?2.6.2 What does wheat whiskey taste like?3 Other varieties of whiskey Whiskey remains one … Continue reading What Whiskey Tastes Like: An Introduction