The Douglas Laine Provenance range offers single cask single malt scotch whisky expressions of a wide range of well-known distilleries. Sigle Cask means that the final bottle comes from only one cask (it’s an accurate name for what it is!). The range does not use colouring or chill-filtering processes.

This bottling of a 7-year-old Talisker from 2009 was something I picked up from the awesome Master of Malt flash sale where they offer samples with as much as 50% discount. I love me a Talisker as you will see from my recent review of the Talisker 18, must get around to reviewing the 10 soon. I’ll be honest though, I’d never heard of the Provenance range before so didn’t know what to expect when tasting it (I had to do some half-arsed research for this review).

Anyway, that’s enough aimless waffling, let’s get down to business with my review of the Doulas Laing Provenance Talisker 7:

Distiller: Talisker

ABV: 46%

Proof: 92

Age: 7 Years



Biscuits, cream crackers cardboard with some vinegar and brine. Slightly fishy. Dry sherry and cheesecake base. A little strange to be honest.


It’s a lot more like Talisker on the old palate with honey, brine and sea salt, sponge cake and digestive biscuits. A hint of blue cheese but other than that it’s like a watery version of the Talisker 10. Nowhere near as good though unfortunately.


Very briny with some malt and sugar.


As a whole, it doesn’t have enough of the Talisker profile for me, probably due to too little time in the barrel. It is a nice light whisky however that is enjoyable as a summer sipper.

The finish keeps coming back as I’m writing this. Worth a try for sure but I would taste it before buying a bottle.

79%Overall Score