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WhiskeyBon is a whiskey blog run by me, Richard Hammond (not that one, see below).

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I am based in the UK have been drinking whisky since I was 18 (don’t worry that is legal here in the UK!). I used to only drink scotch but then a friend of mine got me into bourbon in a big way and now I love them both and that’s where the name came from, it’s a portmanteau of whiskey and bourbon.

A few things to note:

  1. Sorry to disappoint but I am not the bloke from Top Gear
  2. By my own admission, I am no whisky expert, in fact, I’d class myself as an amateur but I love tasting it and that’s why I decided to start writing reviews to share my thoughts
  3. I’m also not that great at writing, so apologies if the reviews read like they are written by a 10 year old
  4. In addition, I’m not very good at taking pictures, so apologies if the photographs look like they are taken by a 10 year old
  5. I have no strong feelings on whether it should be spelled “whisky” or “whiskey” and use them both on the blog interchangeably
  6. I can never remember if numbered lists are supposed to have full stops at the end of the sentences or not

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

We buy the bottles or samples for review out of our own pocket so you can be sure we are giving our honest opinion. We don’t accept samples for review from companies.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

Me and my mate Dave at Milroys in London