Here at WhiskeyBon we buy quite a lot of whisky so we can then provide our amateurish but honest reviews.

We don’t accept bottles or samples to review, all bottles are bought out of our own pocket so this means two things:

  1. Our reviews are our honest opinions as we have parted with our own hard-earned cash
  2. We have bought whisky from a lot of places

Having used many online whisky websites we have decided to pick our top 7 based on the following criteria:

  • Range of whisky available
  • Pricing
  • If they stock any “harder to find” bottles
  • Customer service
  • Quality of packaging (very important when dealing with glass bottles!)
  • Website ease of use

These are our 5 favourite online whisky shops to order from:

Master of Malt

Based in: UK

Delivers to: Worldwide (but not the USA)

A screenshot of the Master of Malt website

I’ve ordered many times from MoM and it’s always an excellent service. They have a huge range of scotch whisky and a decent selection of bourbon and rye. They also tend to get in some of the harder to find bottles upon release and have a good selection of rare whiskies if you are feeling flush.

The prices are very reasonable too and what I like about them is you can order samples for many of their whiskies to try before you buy a full bottle. Not seen another retailer that offers this to the same extent they do.

Finally, they run Flash Sales every day where you can grab bottles with up to 50% off! Have a look at today’s offers here: >> MoM Flash Sales <<

Unfortunately, Master of Malt has stopped shipping to the USA recently which is a shame. Look below for some great options that do ship to the US though.

De Wine Spot

Based in: USA

Delivers to: USA + Selected Others

The whiskey page of the De Wine Spot website

This is a cool little whisky shop based in Brooklyn and they have a really good selection of bourbon, American whiskey and Scotch whisky online on their website, which is really easy to use.

The prices are also very reasonable and they have some bottles that you don’t see in many places including some rare stuff. Give them a try.

The Drink Shop

Based in: UK

Delivers to: Worldwide

A screenshot of The Drink Shop website

The range of scotch whisky they have available is not bad, bourbon and rye are all in one American category and there is not a huge amount available but what is there is recently priced.

You can pick up BTAC here but it is massively overpriced. They also have a few Japanese whiskies. Delivery is fast and efficient and never had a problem ordering from here.


Based in: UK

Delivers to: UK

If you are in the UK you can’t go wrong with good ol’ Waitrose to pick up a select few bottles. The selection is very limited in fact, they have only 6 bourbons with a bit more choice in Scotch.

The reason they are on the list is the prices are good, delivery is excellent and what they do sell is always in stock they can be a reliable source of your favourite bottle. You can also order at the same time as your grocery shopping which is handy and they sometimes have some really good deals available.

Hard to Find Whisky

A screenshot of the Hard To Find Whisky website

As the name suggests they have some rare and expensive whiskies available so it’s great if you are looking for a really special bottle. I really like the way that both Scotch and American are split by region so you can easily see what comes from where.

Delivery and service is good but the biggest reason I’ve included it is because of the range of rare bottles they stock, which is awesome.

The Whisky Barrel

A screenshot of the The Whisky Barrel website

A decent selection of Scotch but very few American whiskeys. They also have some Irish, English, Welsh, Japanese and Indian whiskies that you can purchase.

What I like about them is they have an independent bottlers section with some really cool stuff to choose from, so if you are looking for a unique bottle this could be the online whisky shop for you.


Based in: USA

Delivers to: Worldwide /

Obviously it is not a dedicated whisky shop but it is the place I buy most of my low to mid range bottles. The prices are very good and best of all they frequently offer large discounts, you just have to keep an eye out for them.

If you sign up to Prime you can also get even more bargains and free delivery on your bottles with some next day and same day delivery opportunities. Plus they have a LOT of whisky to choose from.


Disclaimer: we may earn a small commision if you click some of the above links and go on to make a purchase. This helps with the running costs of the website.