Amazing Special Offers & Deals on Whiskey, Scotch & Bourbon


A whiskey glass with lights in the background

Drinking whiskey is awesome, everyone knows that.

In fact, there is only one thing more awesome than drinking whiskey…

Drinking whiskey that you got a discount on!

Essentially, you are drinking the same awesome whiskey but it didn’t cost you as much money.

Due to some partnerships with a few online retailers we can offer some awesome special offers and deals when you buy your favourite American whiskey, scotch whisky or bourbon.

Now with the savings you could make we have 3 helpful suggestions for how you could spend that extra cash:

  1. Buy more whiskey
  2. Buy more whiskey
  3. Buy more whiskey

And if you are not a completely selfish whiskey hound like me then maybe you can spend it on someone you love.

Buy them something nice, take them for a night out… that kind of thing.

Because having more money is awesome.

So here are some deals you can use to buy whiskey on the cheap for those in both the US and UK:

Master of Malt – Up to 50% Off

Master of Malt are currently running daily Flash Sales with up to 50% off.

Click the below banner to get check out the offers:




Master of Malt is a UK based online retailer offering a wide range of spirits. They deliver worldwide apart from to the US (not sure why!).

Morning Recovery – 15% Off

Morning Recovery is an amazing new drink that massively reduces the effects of a hangover. We have tried it and it works really well.



The Drink Shop – Sale Save up to 20%

The Drinkshop is a UK based retailer that delivers spirits worldwide.



Saucey (US) – 10% Off

Get 10% off your first order at with free delivery to your door.

  1. Copy this code: SAS10
  2. Click the below link to claim your order
  3. Enter the code at the checkout to get your discount


Saucey is an online liquor store that offers free delivery to most US states on all orders and a 30-minute delivery service in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, San Diego, Sacramento, & Oakland.


Drizly (US) – Save $5 on Your First Order

Get $5 off your first order on Drizly:



Drizly is an online liquor store and app that allows you to order from local stores and get quick delivery to your door.

Be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back because we will be consistently adding new deals and offers to save you some of your hard-earned pennies when you buy your whiskey.

We will try and get some really good deals over the next few months and will share them here.

So check them out and happy drinking!


We earn a small commission if you click the above links and go on to make a purchase. This helps us to run the website and buy more bottles to review for you. This does not affect the price you pay.