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I have ordered from Master of Malt many times and I have to say they are my favourite online whisky shop to order from.

As you will know if you have read WhiskeyBon before we buy all the bottles for review out of our own pockets to ensure a fair analysis. We don’t accept samples for review and certainly would never review something we haven’t tried (this goes on a lot on the internet apparently).

Just so you know there’s no BS’ing going on here is a peek at a few of my email order confirmations:

Emails showing Master of Malt order confirmations

So as I have said I like them but before we get into my Master of Malt review and why I like them let’s take a quick look at who they are just in case you don’t know already:

Who are Master of Malt

Master of Malt (or MoM for short are a UK based retailer that sells many different spirits, beers and gifts. They were originally a physical store but now operate solely online.


Trustpilot reviews:

What I Like About Them

  • The prices are always very good
  • They sell special releases that some other retailers markup for retail prices
  • Huge range of whisky from all around the world
  • Great customer service
  • Very reliable delivery
  • You can order sample bottles for many whiskies
  • Free delivery for orders over £99
  • Very easy to use and great looking website
  • They do daily Flash Sales offering up to 50% off

Things That Could Be Better

  • They don’t offer delivery to the US
  • It would be nice if they had more “hard to find” American whiskeys

A Closer Look at Master of Malt

Range of Whisky

The range of whisky, whiskey and bourbon they offer is phenomenal. Scotch dominates the lineup but they have a good selection of bourbon for a UK retailer and have bottles from all around the globe:

The number of whiskies from each country on Master of Malt

The Website

The website is not ultra-modern in appearance but it fits the brand nicely and most importantly it is easy to use and find what you are looking for. As an example, look at the main menu and how it is categorised:

The main whisky menu on Master of Malt

Product pages are also packed with useful info such as images, writeup, reviews, price and discount, ABV, bottle size, add to wishlist feature and the option to order a sample bottle:

A Master of Malt product page

There are helpful tasting notes to let you know the flavour profile of the whisky including the nose, palate and finish:

Tasting notes on a Master of Malt product page

Helpful details about the whisky:

Product details on Master of Malt

Reviews left by customers to help you decide whether to buy or not:

Customer reviews on a product page on Master of Malt

Any awards won by the whiskey:

Awards won on Master of Malt product page

And allergen advice:

Master of Malt product allergen advice

Cool Features

Super cool things on offer on the website include:

  • Dram club – a monthly whisky club
  • Gift finder tool – helps you pick a gift for a whisky lover
  • Gift vouchers – these never expire and actually INCREASE in value over time!
  • Personalised whisky – add a message onto bottles of whisky
  • Blend your own whisky – come up with your own whisky recipe
  • Tasting sets – pre-packaged sample boxes of 3cl taster bottles
  • MoM bottlings – Master of Malts’ own brand bottlings


The pricing is always very fair and one of the things I like most about them. I’ve had a few limited releases from them in the last 12 months, such as the Four Roses 130th LE Small Batch and they are always amongst the best priced for these new releases.

The fact that they offer free delivery for orders over £99 is good too as I usually order a few bottles at once so never end up paying a delivery fee.

Customer Service

I’ve had very few reasons to contact customer service in several years of ordering from Master of Malt but the couple of occasions when I have contacted them they have been very helpful and have resolved the issue swiftly with very polite and helpful customer service reps.


The delivery is been seamless with Master of Malt, you get a delivery date once you place the order then you get a message saying it has been dispatched with a specific time which is really useful as some companies just say things like “anytime after 8am” which is a pain the arse.

This is what you get:

I know technically it’s down to the courier but the company is responsible for this and I’ve had issues when ordering with other companies such as items not turning up or delivery dates being missed and the old classic “we came but no one was home” when you have been waiting in all day.

I’ve also never had a broken bottle ordering from Master of Malt. This is rare anyway but can happen if the packaging is not spot on, and it always has been.


This is the best thing about Master of Malt. The deals and offers you can get are unreal!

They literally run discounts on dozens of whiskies every single day through their Flash Sales.

Get up to 50% off by visiting their Flash Sales page.


I hope this Master of Malt review was helpful. All in all they are, in my opinion, the best online retailer for whisky and, along with Amazon, are the place I have ordered the most bottles from over the last few years.

They tick all the boxes including great prices, an excellent range of whisky to choose from, reliable delivery and lots of amazing offers. They only slight downsides are that they don’t deliver to the USA at the moment (come on MoM. you need to sort that out!) and they could have a few more hard to find and rare bottles to choose from.

Overall, a great brand that you can order from with confidence.

Range of Whisky
Cool Features
Customer Service
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