A glass of whiskey next to a barrel

26 Frequently Asked Whiskey Questions Answered


How much whiskey should I pour?

That is totally up to you. A single is sometimes considered to be 25ml or one / one-and-a-half-ounce measures but if you are pouring your own you can pour as much or as little as you like. Probably best if you don’t have a pint of it though!

Can you freeze whiskey?

Whiskey will freeze but doing so will likely destroy the flavour.

What is the freezing point of whiskey?

That varies depending on alcohol content. A 40% ABV whiskey will freeze at around -26C and pure ethanol freezes at -114C so it will between those two numbers depending on the proof of the whiskey.

Does whiskey go bad?

An unopened bottle of whiskey stored properly (upright, and away from sunlight and extreme temperatures & humidity) will last indefinitely and does not go bad.

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What about an open bottle?

Once open the liquid inside is exposed to air and eventually it will start to degrade. Left long enough it will become unpleasant to drink. The life of an open bottle is around 6 months to 2 years.

What about in a decanter?

In a decanter, there is even less protection from the air so it will start to deteriorate in a shorter time span.

How is whiskey aged?

Most whiskeys are aged in charred oak barrels / casks.

Does it age in the bottle?

No, unlike wine whiskey only ages in the barrel and not in the bottle.

What gives whiskey its color?

The color is taken directly from the wood of the barrel during the ageing process as are many of the flavors.

How much does a whiskey barrel hold?

A standard bourbon barrel is 200 litres or 53 US gallons but there are many different sizes in use.

How many bottles are in a case of whiskey?

Usually a case contains 12 bottles.

How much is a peg of whiskey?

A “large” peg is 60ml and a “small” peg is 30ml.

What is a fifth of whiskey?

It is a fifth of a gallon, find out why in our article:


How much alcohol is in whiskey?

It must be at least 40% ABV and under 100% as that would be pure ethanol. Different whiskies contain different amounts of alcohol. The strongest we have seen is the Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whisky.

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How much whiskey does it take to get drunk?

That varies from person to person and depending on the strength of the whiskey.

What does “neat” whiskey mean?

It means just whiskey in a glass with nothing added. This is our favourite way to enjoy it!

What does whiskey “on the rocks” mean?

It means you have some ice in your whiskey.

What is a good juice to mix with whiskey?

Juice doesn’t go very well with whiskey in our opinion but apple juice probably works the best.

What is a whiskey chaser?

Having a whiskey followed by (chased by) a beer.

What is malt whisky?

Whisky made from a fermented mash consisting primarily of malted barley. This is how scotch whisky is made.

What is single malt whisky?

A whisky that that has been distilled at only one distillery.

Does whiskey contain sugar?

Whiskey only contains natural sugars created during the fermentation process. It does not contain any added sugar.

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Is drinking whiskey harmful?

It can be if you drink too much and/or too often, like any alcoholic drink it can be enjoyed safely in moderation.

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Is drinking whiskey every day bad for you?

Almost certainly yes and we wouldn’t advise you do that!

Is whiskey good for a sore throat?

Alcohol can numb a sore throat which will temporarily relieve pain but it will not have any greater effect than that.

What was the significance of the whiskey rebellion?

The whiskey rebellion was a key event in American history as a rebellion against the liquor tax by farmers and distillers lead to then-president George Washington sending troops to deal with the situation.