My Review of Morning Recovery (Tested on a Hangover)

A bottle of Morning Recovery hangover drink


In this review, I’m going to discuss all aspects of the drink, including the ingredients, how it works, and any possible side effects, and most importantly, how well it relieves the symptoms of a hangover.

But why should we listen to you Rick, I hear you cry.

Well unlike all the other reviews I’ve seen where they just do a write up based on information they find on the internet I actually bought some Morning Recovery and tested it on a hangover. There is me with one of the bottles below!

Find out what I thought of it…

My Personal Test

A picture of me with my bottle of morning recovery.

To test Morning Recovery properly and bring you a fair and impartial review out I had to sacrifice myself twice, first I had to buy a six-pack of it and then I had to get drunk! (it’s a hard job this).

I went out and had 8 pints of beer (no spirits). This would normally give me a pretty bad hangover these days!

I drank a bottle of Morning Recovery before I went to bed and then another one as soon as I woke up.

In the morning I really did feel quite good.

I had the usual dehydration but I don’t think anything can prevent that.

Other than that I felt pretty great, no headache, no sick feeling and my stomach was more settled than it normally would be (though still a little delicate).

Overall, very impressed and I will test it out with different drinks on future nights out as I have another 4 bottles.

The benefits of using Morning Recovery are you can wake up and feel reasonably ok after a night of drinking. Your head will be clear and you won’t have that “groggy” hangover feeling.

About Morning Recovery

Specifically designed to relieve a hangover, Morning Recovery will help to restore your body the day after drinking.

The hangover drink has recently hit the market after raising a large amount of money from both public and private investment.

Allowing them to release a successful marketing campaign, the money has helped Morning Recovery to make a name for itself in the hangover supplement industry.

In this review of Morning Recovery, I take a look at the drink in more detail and see how it compares to similar products on the market.

With so many supplements and drinks available, it can be difficult to choose the best products – especially when every big brand claims to be the best.

Company Background

The More Labs website home page

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let’s have a look at the company background. Before hitting the shelves, More Labs launched Morning Recovery on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

Whilst on there, the drink raised a whopping $250,000 which was 960% more than its initial aim.

They then continued to raise another $8 million from Canadian and US venture capital investors, making them the richest supplement company around.

A year into their business venture, the team has built a company to enable them to expand their product range.

The company has now sold over 1.5m bottles of the drink, signed a series of retail contracts and closed its series A fundraising at $8m. With all this under their belt, they decided it was time to take things to the next level.

Originally, the company was known as 82 Labs. Since their initial success, they have rebranded as More Labs and have given their product a whole new look.

The Morning Recovery team is led by an ex-Tesla engineer, Sisun Lee, and his research partners. Between them, their aim is to diversify and develop innovative solutions to enhance productivity and combat modern-day stressors.

To ensure the products really work, More Labs have hired a chief scientist to look into areas such as focus, sleep, stress, and anxiety.

With a new and improved team, the company is looking to expand its product range and enhance its existing ones. To make sure they look the part, More Labs have rebranded their website, packaging, and marketing material with the help of Crème Collective.

How Does it Work?

A diagram of how morning recovery works

So how does this miracle product work? Before I get into this, we need to explore how alcohol affects the body.

Once consumed, alcohol is broken down by the liver. During this process, the liver produces toxic by-products known as “free radicals”.

Normally, the body uses antioxidants to clear up the free radicals before they wreak havoc; however, when drinking, the body becomes exhausted.

This is where hangover drinks can help out. Drinks like Morning Recovery supply the body with natural antioxidants to help clear the toxic by-products more efficiently.

Now we understand how hangover drinks work, we can look at Morning Recovery in more detail.

In optimum health, the liver can process one drink per hour. When you consume more alcohol than your liver can break down, free radicals build up and place stress on the body.

The longer these by-products remain in your system, the worse you’ll feel the morning after.

Morning Recovery helps to break down the toxins so the body can easily flush them out. The drink also helps to boost liver function, replenish lost nutrients, and speed up your recovery.

Why is Morning Recovery Better Than Drinking Water?

Many people believe that a hangover is purely the result of dehydration. While this certainly plays a part, dehydration isn’t the root cause.

With this in mind, drinking water before bed will only get you so far. In addition to replacing lost fluids, Morning Recovery supports your liver and brain health and helps the body to flush out the toxic by-products.

Product Ingredients

If you’ve tried hangover supplements before, you’re probably wondering what ingredients are in Morning Recovery.

When reading the ingredients list, the first thing we notice is that the drink uses a propriety blend. Essentially, this means that every ingredient is disclosed, but not the exact amount.

While many brands claim this is to conceal their “secret formula”, it’s normally to cut costs. As proprietary blends are cheaper to produce, the company are probably just trying to save some money.

While this is slightly annoying, we can still see what ingredients are used.


Most hangover supplements are packed with B-vitamins. Helping to regenerate the enzymes used by your liver, the vitamins help the body to breakdown alcohol.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

One of the key ingredients in Morning Recovery is Dihydromyricetin. Studies have shown that Dihydromyricetin counteracts alcohol intoxication and makes hangovers more tolerable.

While most reputable hangover drinks include Dihydromyricetin, Morning Recovery claims that their DHM is superior to other products on the market. However, there is little evidence on their website to back up this claim.

Milk Thistle

A milk thistle plant

Milk Thistle is a popular ingredient in liver supplements. Studies have shown that the product reduces liver inflammation, allowing the organ to work more efficiently.

Korean Pear Extract

Shown to reduce hangover severity by up to 21%, Korean Pear Extract is another popular ingredient. According to the subjects of the study, the ingredient alleviated their symptoms and increased concentration.

Korean Red Ginseng

In 2014, a study showed that Korean Red Ginseng can also benefit a hangover. Positively impacting blood alcohol concentration, the product can reduce hangover symptoms such as nausea and headaches. In addition to relieving the symptoms, Korean Red Ginseng can reduce the duration of your hangover.

Prickly Pear

According to a small study, Prickly Pear reduced hangover symptoms in the participants. However, as the study only contained 25 people, this needs more evidence to prove the effects.

Green Tea Extract

Present in a variety of supplements, Green Tea Extract is one of the most researched herbal extracts. Rich in antioxidants, the ingredient helps to combat the free radicals.

How do you take it?

More Labs recommend taking one bottle of Morning Recovery after your last drink.

If it makes things easier, you can also mix it with a spirit and drink during the evening.

As the ingredients need to work before the hangover has started, it’s important to take Morning Recovery before heading to bed.

When you wake up the morning after, it’s already too late. If the hangover has already set in, the damage is done, and Morning Recovery won’t be effective.

What does it taste like?

Currently, Morning Recovery is available in two flavors – lemon or lemon and ginger. Personally, I thought it tasted good but if you don’t like lemon-flavored things, I suggest you hold your nose and down it quickly! More Labs have recently released a sugar-free version for those that are watching their sugar intake. 

Does it have side effects?

As most hangover drinks contain natural ingredients and as Morning Recovery doesn’t contain stimulants or medicines, most people don’t experience any side effects.

However, if you have any allergies or intolerances, read the label carefully before consuming it.

What do people think?

Several of the reviews suggest that it’s a “miracle cure” and it drastically reduces symptoms of a hangover. 

A very small percentage of reviews state that the drink doesn’t work too well for them.

As you’d expect, some people have reported that they don’t like the flavor of Morning Recovery. However, this is a small price to pay if the hangover drink works for you.

How much does it cost?

Currently, you can only buy Morning Recovery in packs of 6 or 12. The best place to buy from is the official website. where you can get a 6 pack for $36 with free delivery.

Is Morning Recovery better than tablet supplements?

On their website, Morning Recovery state that “not all DHM is created equal” and explains that their formula is better absorbed than other supplements. 

At first glance, the ingredients list looks pretty similar to other hangover products on the market. In fact, most of the top hangover supplements contain all the same ingredients that Morning Recovery does.

You may find drinking a liquid easier than popping a few pills though. If you’re traveling, the newest version of the product has been made smaller to reduce traveling issues.

As each bottle of Morning Recovery is 3.4 fl oz, it’s carry-on approved. If you do get picked up on the drink, just explain that it’s a dietary supplement and you should be good to go.

Is Morning Recovery FDA approved?

While the FDA does not approve dietary supplements, they do regulate them. According to More Labs, they follow the FDA’s guidance and comply with all the rules and regulations.

These regulations require that Morning Recovery is tested for purity, identity, and strength to ensure it meets the pre-established quality specifications.

As each batch is tested individually, you can be sure that every bottle of the supplement meets the FDA’s standards and is safe to consume.

Things to consider

Before investing in Morning Recovery, remember that hangover drinks aren’t miracle cures.

You won’t be able to get black-out-drunk and wake up hangover free.

However, the supplement can greatly aid your recovery and alleviate many of the symptoms of a hangover meaning you can feel much better than you would have done.

It’s important to note that while Morning Recovery helps the body to recover, it won’t prevent long-term damage caused by regular drinking.

With this in mind, it’s important to drink in moderation. If you want to further reduce your hangover, stay hydrated throughout the night and eat a meal before heading out.

It may also help to stick to lighter colored drinks as these contain fewer congeners. Darker colored drinks, such as red wine and whiskey, contain more congers and are associated with more severe hangovers.

In summary

A chart showing the benefits of Morning Recovery

Morning Recovery is one of the best hangover drinks.

Thanks to their successful marking campaign and host of positive reviews, the product has started to dominate the hangover prevention market.

In terms of the ingredients list, the product is similar to other supplements on the market.

Morning Recovery emphasizes the fact that their DHM is superior to its competitors.

Having tested it out, I will be buying it again and using it regularly when having a few drinks.



Note: Morning Recover ships worldwide, you can select your country when checking out.


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