We love pretty much all types of whisky and whiskey here and in all different price brackets. From a cheap as chips bottle of Wild Turkey to some of the rare and hard to find Scotch whisky.

Personally, I don’t buy much rare or limited edition whiskey because… well… I’m poor!

I’d like to, believe me, but anything above around the £/$200 mark is too rich for my blood. I will, however, splash out sometimes on a shot in a bar to taste some of the higher end drams.

I also know we have some readers here at WhiskeyBon who are absolute ballers and have the means to splash out on some of the more expensive whiskies so I have put tighter a list of the best online shops to buy rare and limited edition whisky / whiskey.

All I ask in return is you send me half of every bottle purchased as a reward. Obviously joking! Unless you want to then, of course, I wouldn’t be saying no!

Here is the criteria for selection:

  • They have a good selection (not just the odd bottle) of whisky / whiskey that you can’t find on most online stores
  • They are charging relatively respectable prices
  • They have a good reputation within the whisky community

Check out the rare whisky shops below, and happy drinking!

1. Hard to Find Whisky


Delivery: Worldwide

A screenshot of the Hard To Find Whisky website

Hard to Find Whisky has a name that sums up what they sell perfectly. They actually sell very little of the bog-standard offerings you find in most online whisky shops, preferring to focus specifically on rare bottles.

They are UK based (worldwide shipping available) and Scotch makes up the majority of what they have on offer including bottles from almost every distillery that has been going long enough to have rare bottles and also many “silent” breweries.

This page of their rarest bottles is really cool if you happen to be a millionaire. I might order that £50k Bowmore 1964 later…

There are also some great American whiskeys available such as Pappy, older BTAC and some interesting bottles of JD.

2. Drizly


Delivery: US Only

If you are in the US (they only ship there) then Drizly is the place to order rarer and limited edition whiskey.

The reason it is a great place to do this is that it is not actually a store itself, it lists whiskey from physical liquor shops across America and what they have available. So essentially you have access to an enormous range. Just search for whatever it is you are looking for and you will be told if it’s available or not.

They will deliver it to you for free and in some cases, it takes just a few hours to receive your order.

3. The Whisky Shop



Delivery: Worldwide

The Whisky Shop stocks a lot of rare Scotch with plenty of old bottles of Macallan and the Balvenie including a 1937 32 year old Macallan Fine & Rare.

They also have a page specifically for limited editions so you can look for something unique that is sure to make a good impression.

They are based in Birmingham, UK but ship Worldwide.

4. Master of Malt


Delivery: Worldwide (but not US)

As you will probably know if you are a regular reader of WhiskeyBon we are big fans of Master of Malt. We order a lot of our Scotch and American whiskey from them. This is your more standard offerings but they also have an amazing collection of rare and limited edition Scotch whisky, American whiskey and bourbon.

If you check out their Old and Rare page the first thing you see is the Glenfarclas family cask trunk, which truly is a thing of beauty. Then they have a ton more choice ranging from the expensive to the gut-wrenchingly expensive.

Word of warning: they don’t currently deliver to the USA unfortunately.

5. The Rare Whisky Shop


Delivery: Worldwide

I must admit, I don’t know that much about this shop but have heard they are solid and they have a great selection of rare whisky including some that you don’t generally see even in rare whisky shops.

They also have a page dedicated to rare Japanese whiskey if that’s your thing.