Where To Buy Bob Dylans Heaven’s Door Whiskey Online

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Bob Dylan is one of the world’s most groundbreaking musical artists. He has penned many legendary songs over the years including Like a Rolling Stone, Mr. Tamborine Man, and of course, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

But most people don’t know that Dylan is also an accomplished visual artist and keen whiskey drinker. He has combined his love for art and whiskey by partnering with Angel’s Envy co-founder Marc Bushala to produce Heaven’s Door, a range of delicious boutique whiskeys.

The Heaven’s Door distillery launched in May of 2018 with three varieties of whiskey on offer — Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Double Barrel Whiskey and Straight Rye Whiskey.

Following their debut, all three whiskeys received several awards and have been highly recommended by several prominent whiskey aficionados.

In this post, I’ll share some more information about Heaven’s Door whiskeys. If you are already familiar with Heaven’s Door Whiskey and simply want to buy it, jump to the section Where To Buy Heaven’s Door Whiskey.

What Types Of Heaven’s Door Whiskey Are Available?

Heaven’s Door whiskeys are very much boutique whiskey products. They are produced in relatively small batches at a deconsecrated church in Nashville and sold in bottles bearing images of Dylan’s metalwork. The distillery is currently producing:

Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon (45% ABV)

This delicious bourbon is made from a unique mash bill with 30% small grains. These small grains are designed to “complement the character imparted from spending a minimum of 8 years in American oak barrels”. The resulting bourbon is extremely smooth, with prominent notes of vanilla, baked bread, caramel, toasted oak, and honey.

Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey (50% ABV)

Double Barrel Whiskey is a blend of three different whiskeys that is double-barrelled, which means it is aged twice in two different types of oak barrels. This is a premium whiskey that has a nose containing plenty of honey, oak, tobacco and vanilla. In terms of flavor, expect caramel, cocoa, and brown sugar to dominate. However, there are also hints of pepper, cloves, and nutmeg in the background. It has quite a kick at the end of the taste, due to its high ABV.

Heaven’s Door Rye Whiskey (46% ABV)

This rye whiskey is aged a minimum of six years in charred American oak. The quality of the mash and the extended aging produces a wonderful rye whiskey with plenty of flavors. It tastes more refined than most rye whiskeys, with a variety of flavor including coriander, orange peel, and spices.

Heaven’s Door 10 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon – Limited edition (50% ABV)

This limited edition bottle might be a little harder to track down, but it sounds worth the effort. This bourbon is matured using charcoal columns made from Tennessee sugar maple trees. This is a method known as the ‘Lincoln County Process’. This gives the whiskey some interesting flavours including candied walnuts, cooked peaches, steeped tobacco, and grilled pineapple.

The artwork on each bottle in influenced by Bob Dylan’s artistic creations. He works at Black Buffalo Studio, creating art from various materials that he collects during his travels, including kitchen utensils, guns, and scrap metal. His sculptures are very interesting to look at and Heaven’s Door Whiskey bottles really showcase the quality of his work.

Where To Buy Heaven’s Door Whiskey?

The first batch of Heaven’s Door Whiskey was only released in batch was only released in Tennessee, Florida, California, Illinois, New York and Texas — much to the disappointment of UK whiskey lovers.

However, subsequent batches have received a wider release and can be obtained in the US and UK. There are a couple of online stores selling Heaven’s Door Whiskey including:

Hard to Find Whiskey

Hard to find Whisky had the following in stock last time we checked:

  • Heaven’s Door – Bootleg Series 2019 Edition 26 year old
  • Heaven’s Door – Double Barrel 100 Proof
  • Heaven’s Door – Tennessee Bourbon 84 Proof
  • Heaven’s Door – Straight Rye 86 Proof

Visit their Website


This is what Saucey had available last time we swung by:

  • Heaven’s Door – Double Barrel 100 Proof
  • Heaven’s Door – Tennessee Bourbon 84 Proof
  • Heaven’s Door – Straight Rye 86 Proof

Visit their Website

The Whisky Exchange

I’m sure The Whisky Exchange would be happy to exchange some of their Heaven’s Door for your money! They has these bottles in last time we looked:

  • Heaven’s Door – Double Barrel 100 Proof
  • Heaven’s Door – Tennessee Bourbon 84 Proof
  • Heaven’s Door – Straight Rye 86 Proof

Visit their Website

Urban Drinks

At the time of writing, they have the following whiskies in stock:

  • Heaven’s Door 10YO Bourbon Whiskey 0.7L (50% Vol.)
  • Heaven’s Door Rye Whiskey 0.7L (46% Vol.)

They also have the following Heaven’s Door whiskeys available in 1-2 weeks:

  • Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey 0.7L (50% Vol.)
  • Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon 0.7L (45% Vol.)

Visit their Website

Thanks for reading. I’d recommend giving Heaven’s Door Whiskeys a try. Bob Dylan and Marc Bushala have created some really special whiskeys that you are sure to enjoy.

Visit the official Heaven’s Door website here: https://www.heavensdoor.com/buy-whiskey

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