I’ve never much cared for Jack Daniels. Though to be fair for years I had only ever tried the No.7 for which they are best known and to me that is just a bad whiskey, I know some people love it but I just don’t like its flavour profile.

I have been avoiding reviewing any JD on here for that reason and also because of they old “is JD a bourbon” debate.

Now I really don’t know the answer to that it seems to me that it meets all the requirements of a bourbon but whether it actually is one I’ll leave up to the experts to debate.

The problem is, I didn’t want to have to create a new category just for Jack Daniels reviews so I’ve stuck this in bourbon, please don’t hunt me down JD is not bourbon crew!

Anyway, my girlfriend brought a bottle of Jack Daniels Master Distillers 3 back from the airport so here is my review:

Jack Daniels Master distillers No.3 bottle and glass

Distiller: Jack Daniels

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Age: NAS

Mashbill: Not known

Tasting Notes


Smokey oak, banana chips, alcohol. Not great.


You get that Jack Daniels familiar banana flavour, some oak, cinnamon, hazelnuts and pepper. The palate is a big improvement on the nose.


Slightly spicy and woody, doesn’t go away though I want it to.


I don’t want to be too harsh on it, it’s definitely better than Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 but it’s just not very balanced or refined in any way and I just don’t like it very much.

When you drink a whiskey that you want to be over mid finish you know it’s a bad one.

For me, it’s one I’ll be keeping to drink with a mixer.

Jack Daniels Master Distillers No.3 Rating
68%Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes