Where to Buy Whiskey Barrels

A stack of whiskey barrels


At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a glass of great whiskey.

If you’re a whiskey lover, you’re probably attached to certain favorites.

These days, some whiskey fanatics are taking trips to distilleries to visit the source of their favorite beverage. It’s not uncommon for distilleries to let you sample the drink, particularly if they offer a tour service; however, a few distilleries are letting you go one step further.

At certain establishments, you can now purchase an entire barrel of whiskey that will be matured on-site especially for you.

Whenever the whiskey is ready, you bottle the contents and enjoy your own single cask release, which normally consists of a few hundred bottles. If you’d rather take the barrel home, that’s fine too!

As the drink is yours, you can then do with it what you want. Bottle it up for family and friends or enjoy it for yourself, the choice is yours.

Selling whiskey barrels allows the distillery to make a large profit quickly to fund its operations, which is why many of the newer distillers offer a by-the-barrel service.

While many of the distilleries are new and smaller operations, a few established brands offer whiskey barrels, too. After paying for the barrel, you’ll probably have to splash more cash on bottling, taxes, and warehouse costs.

However, it still works out cheaper (in most cases!) than purchasing your favorite whiskey by the bottle. Each distillery offers different services, so consider all the options before buying your whiskey barrel.

In this article, we explore some of the distilleries that offer whiskey casks.


The first distillery on the list is Annandale. Located in the south of Scotland, this new distillery recently launched its first single malt whiskey and have plans for another release shortly.

The distillery offers a variety of barrels, including bourbon, sherry and red wine. For a first fill and refill of bourbon, you’re looking at spending upwards of $3,350.

Click here to view the website: https://annandaledistillery.com/pages/casks


Arran is an independent distillery that’s been around for a while.

Producing several excellent whiskeys, a barrel of whiskey from Arran will certainly not disappoint.

If you visit the distillery, you’re even allowed to choose between a first-fill bourbon or a second fill sherry barrel.

Click here to view the website: https://www.arranwhisky.com/our-distillery/buy-a-whisky-cask

Glasgow Distillery

Glasgow Distillery has been in operating since 1902, making it Glasgow’s first whiskey distillery.

The company has recently released its first single malt, naming it the 1770.

As the demand for bottles outstrips the current production, the opportunity to purchase bottles is done only by ballot.

However, customers are welcome to purchase a barrel outright without going through the ballot process.

Aged in bourbon barrels, you can choose between a peated or unpeated spirit or have it triple distilled in the Irish style.

Click here to view the website: https://glasgowdistillery.com/cask-club/

Milk and Honey

Interestingly, there are now a few whiskey distilleries in Israel.

Milk and Honey was one of the first to open and offers a range of different barrels. A single barrel of whiskey can be purchased for around $3,100.

However, this doesn’t include the cost of shipping, storage, or taxes, so that’s something to keep in mind before purchasing.

Click here to view the website: https://mh-distillery.com/cask/

Rows of whisky barrels


At $9,000 this barrel is pricey.

However, Ardanhoe is no ordinary facility.

It’s the newest distillery on the whiskey capital of Islay, and the production is overseen by the legendary Jim McEwan, the brain behind the renaissance of Bruichladdich.

As the distillery is still new, we’re not sure how long they’ll offer a barrel service.

If you want to buy a barrel of Islay whiskey, we advise you to get in there quick!

Click here to view the website: https://ardnahoedistillery.com/


This distillery was recently in the media as the Scotch whiskey distillery trialing the production of rye whiskey.

Currently, the category is not legally recognized in the UK.

However, it was found that their ‘rye whiskey’ was actually ‘grain whiskey’, so was perfectly legal.

The whiskey bought from Inchdairnie will eventually become single malt; however, the single malt won’t be ready until at least 2029.

If you’re prepared to wait, purchasing a barrel from Inchdairnie could be well worth the money.

Click here to view the website: http://inchdairniedistillery.com/a-rare-opportunity-to-own-a-piece-of-history/


Located on the isle of Arran, Lagg distillery is run by the same owners as the Arran Distillery.

While both distilleries have similarities, Lagg will produce heavily peated whiskey while Arran specialized in unpeated.

Currently, Lagg is setting up shop with plans to open early next year.

If you’d like to reserve a future barrel, you can do, just give the distillery a call. Buying a whiskey barrel from Lagg comes with several bonuses, including a few rounds of golf on the island and a stay in a nearby hotel.

Click here to visit the website: https://www.laggwhisky.com/buy-a-cask


Wales’ first whiskey distillery in 100 years, Penderyn is the only distillery to produce single malt whiskey.

Better still, it offers it by the barrel. Many people buy a Penderyn barrel and bottle it after 5-8 years.

Their spirit is particularly to receptive to flavors it absorbs from the barrel, so it only gets better with time.

Click here to view the website: http://penderyn.wales/cask-sales/


Lindores is the new micro-distillery built on the grounds of a historic abbey with a history of whiskey and distillation.

The company allows the purchase of either cask shares or whole casks.

If you opt for a cask share, you can buy a percentage of a barrel rather than a whole one. Lindores have a wide variety of barrel options which can be viewed on their website.

Click here to view the website: https://lindoresabbeydistillery.com/welcome-lindores-abbey-distillery/cask-ownership/

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Currently, English whiskey is going through a mini-boom.

New whiskey distilleries keep opening south of the Scottish border, with one of the most popular being the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery.

Many of the new distilleries produce quality spirits, but only a few have released single malts.

The Spirit of Yorkshire is the first distillery in Yorkshire and is offering first fill bourbon barrels for a limited time only.

Click here to view the website: https://www.spiritofyorkshire.com/cask-offer-i26

Typically, it’s the new and independent distilleries that sell whiskey by the barrel. With this in mind, there’s no knowing how long it will be available for from the distilleries above.

If there’s one that tickles your fancy, get in there while you can!