Rebel Yell 10 Year Old Review

A bottle of Rebel Yell 10 Year Old whiskey
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Word on the street… and by the street, I mean stuff I have read on other websites and in forums… is that this is pretty special. This became available for me to purchase a few months back at the same time as the Michters Toasted Barrel and I could only afford one at the time and went for the Michters, which is fantastic by the way.

Fast forward a few months and I’m now flush with cash (total lie) so did the honorable thing and picked up a bottle to review.

Rebel Yell has a reputation as quite a cool drink due to having been a favourite drink of Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones. Apparently Billy Idol wrote his song “Rebel Yell” after meeting the Stones and seeing them drink it straight from the bottle.

Is it any good though? Well have a read of my review of the Rebel Yell 10 to find out. Oh and I must say this is probably the best bottle description I’ve seen:

On the bottle:

“Dating back to 1849, Rebel Yell’s legacy is evident not only in its time-honored recipe, but in its unwavering, timeless spirit. Our meticulous aged 10-year bourbon is robust in flavour with a mature finish. Because we hand bottle each barrel independently, the single barrel handcrafted process allows for a unique flavour profile specific to each batch. Whether you’re rebellious in your actions or simply in thought, let your spirit be heard. Pour a glass, take a sip, and raise your glass to the Rebel in all of us”. Never go quietly.”

Distiller: Heaven Hill

Mashbill: Corn, Wheat & Malted barley (percentages unknown)

ABV: 50%

Proof: 100

Age: 10 YearsThe Rebel Yell 10 box labelTasting Notes


Salted Caramel, oak and creamy butterscotch. Digestive biscuits, a hint of citrus and oatmeal. You get the alcohol, but it is not overpowering.


Loads more of that salted caramel and oak. Cashew nuts, cheesecake base (the biscuit bit) and more caramel. It’s a rich and mature profile with the coveted “chewiness” you get in a good bourbon with a recognisably “wheated” sweetness, Very good.


More caramel and oak then ends with some dark fruits which is a welcome surprise, then a long boomerang (keeps coming back) finish.


First of all, when I first opened this bottle I was really disappointed and couldn’t understand what ll the fuss was about. I decided to leave it a few weeks before reviewing it to see if it opened up. Went back to it after 3-4 weeks. Still wasn’t impressed. Normally I would just do the review anyway buy as I hade heard from several reliable sources that it was a special bourbon I gave it another 3 weeks.

This time was totally different. It is a great whiskey with a mature and complex drink with lots of great flavors and depth. I love it and highly recommend picking up a bottle if you get the chance.

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Rebel Yell 10 Rating