The Glenburgie 19 Signatory from 1995
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Glenburgie 19 Year Old (1995) Signatory Review

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I ordered a batch of unusual samples from Master Of Malt to mix things up a little and this was one of them. A 19-year-old independent bottling from Signatory, the juice is a mixture of two hogshead casks with consecutive numbers (casks 6473 and 6474). It was put in the barrels on 13th of June, 1995 and unleashed on 20th February 2015. This of course means that not a huge amount of this whisky exists and that adds a bit of magic to the juice (or at least I think it does!).

Glenburgie is a distillery in Alves, Moray, Scotland and owned by Pernod Ricard, with most of the whisky produced being used for blends in brands such as Ballantine’s and Old Smuggler.

Now with the formalities out of the way, it’s time to get down to the important stuff, so keep your eyes moving from left to right and let them caress the thoughtful and powerful words of my review of the Glenburgie 19 Year Old:

Distiller: Glenburgie

ABV: 43%

Proof: 86

Age: 19 Years

Casks: #6473 and #6474


Stewed apples, pastry crust, fresh forest aromas, apple strudel, wine gums, nectarines and pepper. Very pleasant and interesting.


It has a very light buttery quality and is also very fruity with the apples and nectarines from the nose prevalent. There’s also some tinned pears, a smokiness and a hint of tobacco. There is a mild sweetness but it is more of a light caramel than the usual Speyside honey.


Spicy with some coffee, oak, apples and stone.


This is an excellent whisky that works on every level. It is subtle but with a really interesting flavour profile with lots of unusual but enjoyable notes. Smooth as hell but very different from your average Speyside.

The only drawback is they didn’t make much of it so it may be hard to find.