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Talisker 18 Year Old Review

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Ah Tally. When Harry met Tally. Tally ho. Tally Cinnamon… if you haven’t guessed yet, sometimes I affectionately refer to Talisker as “Tally”. And the reason I have bestowed an affectionate nickname on the entire range is because I love Talisker, have done ever since buying my first bottle of Talisker 10 many moons ago.

You know what else I love? A well-aged scotch of 18+ years. So as this combines those two things it’s highly likely I will love this too I dare say.

The Talisker distillery is located in Carbost on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. They usually use American oak casks to mature their whisky and they are known to be peaty.

The Talisker 18 also won the prestigious “Best Single Malt In The World” at the 2007 World Whisky Awards. So is it any good? Have a read of my review to find out:

Distiller: Talisker

Region: Island

ABV: 45.8%

Proof: 91.6

Age: 18 Years

Website: https://www.malts.com/en-gb/our-whisky-collection/talisker/talisker-18-years-old/

A glass of Talisker 18Tasting Notes


A delightful mix of honey, peaty and malt with leather and honeycomb. Some citrus and brine. Smelling it instils a sense of calm and peacefulness (probably sounds pretentious but if you don’t like it you know where the back button is).


Still here? Excellent! On the palate it starts off spicy with pepper and even some chilli. The you get the honey and sweet notes with some creamy chocolate, cantaloupe, cinnamon and fiery ginger.


A subtle finish with honey, malt, raisins and the occasional burst of spice.


This is a very good whisky and I thoroughly enjoyed trying a sample of it, would love to pick up a full bottle now.

It has a nice mature profile which you would expect from an 18 year version of the Talisker 10 year, which is also very good. It also has something that I think is very important in a whisky; character. It is interesting and exciting as you take a sip and try and pinpoint the barrage of flavours it throws at you, and that to me is what great whisky is all about.

It’s not the cheapest bottle on either side of the Atlantic but if you feel like treating yourself you can’t go wrong with this.



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Talisker 18 Rating