The Best Whiskey Apps to Check Out

A glass of whiskey next to a smartphone


Today, there is an app for pretty much everything.

While some developers stick to games or social networking, others have decided to produce apps relating to whiskey.

Out of these applications, most of them are whiskey databases that allow users to review their tested drink and share it on social media; however, others allow users to order whisky on demand or even provide whisky cocktail advice.

In this article, we explore some of the best whiskey apps available. Before we begin, it’s worth noting that you may need to be of legal drinking age to download these apps.


Drizly home page

Drizly allows you to order whiskey to your front door. There are a ton of whiskeys on offer, but availability will depend on how quickly you need it.

If you’re happy to wait a few days, you can choose from the entire range; however, if you hoping to receive it immediately, you’ll be slightly more limited.

While there is no doubt that Drizly is convenient, you’ll pay a slight premium for instant delivery.



iMalt Scotch Whisky Companion

Much like the previous app, iMalt Scotch Whisky Companion is a whisky database. However, instead of containing whiskies from all over the world, this app specializes in Scottish malts and distilleries.

With the added bonus of a Cloud server, the app can store reviews and notes and allows users can share their reviews with one another.

If you enjoy Scottish whiskies, iMalt Scotch Whisky Companion may be a perfect choice; however, if you prefer whiskies from elsewhere then you may be better suited to the previous app.

Currently, this app is only available on Apple devices.


Whisky Journal – Flavordex

Whisky Journal – Flavordex is designed for users to record their experiences with different whiskies. In addition to storing notes and reviews, the app contains a unique feature called the ‘flavor radar’.

This allows users to rate the presence of 15 different flavors in a certain whisky. While this feature may not be for everybody, it certainly gives the app an edge over its competitors.



Distiller app home page

Instead of certain whiskies, Distiller focuses on the distilleries themselves.

Not only can users find a ton of information on the companies, but they can also find information on local distillery tours.

This makes the app ideal for those traveling around Scotland or wanting to find a number of distillery tours in a certain area.


Whiskey Cast

Whisky Cast home page

If you’re a whiskey lover, you may already be aware of Mark Gillespie’s expert podcast, Whisky Cast. This app allows users to enjoy each episode at the touch of a button.

Users can listen to the latest weekly episode in each of his series, including whiskey events, news and the “in-Depth” segment which features interviews with various whiskey professionals.

The app also includes a calendar with information on up-coming whiskey events, an interactive forum where users can share their experiences, and exclusive access to Mark Gillespie’s tasting notes.


Scottish Whisky News

Scottish Whisky News is ideal for those looking to keep up to date with the latest news.

Not only can users scroll through the latest posts on all things Scotch, but they can also get updates delivered to their phone as they happen.

Additionally, users can subscribe to hourly updates to save and read the latest when offline – ideal for those times without WiFi.

If you’re interested in Scottish Whisky and hoping to stay in the know, this app is perfect for you!


Barreled and Drammit

Barreled and Drammit are two different apps that essentially offer the same service. Both applications offer user-generated tasting notes to help connect like-minded Scotch lovers.

The app can also be used to create a network with your new-found friends. While both apps are similar, Drammit offers a unique ‘post to Facebook’ button while Barreled offers an activity feed.


Lush Cocktails

The lush cocktail app home page

As the name suggests, Lush Cocktails focusses on cocktails. While not every recipe is whisky based, over 40 from the collection are.

Recipes can be found by flavor, ingredient, occasion, or recipe type. If you know what you’re looking for, you can even search by name!

If you’re a lover of all things whisky, you’re sure to enjoy the best whisky apps from the list above.


Whisky Companion

Describing itself as “a complete whisky guide for the curious amateur as well as for the experienced collector”, the app contains information on over 2,500 whiskies.

Not only that, but the collection comes from 277 distillers in 21 countries around the globe.

To find your dream drink, the easy-to-use app lets you search by name, region, country, or even flavor profile. If you’re interested in leaving your feedback, you can rate, record and review whiskies based on your opinion.

Better still, you can create a whisky wish list and keep track of your own collections, brands, and distilleries.

Whisky Companion is perfect for those looking for an expert review on a certain whiskey before purchasing it, or for those wanting to compare and contrast different sorts.


Whisky App

Whisky App is similar to the iMalt app, but it’s also available on Android. Currently, the application is in its beta phase so is free to download.

Although the app is fairly new, the functionality is smooth and well-designed. According to the author, there are plans for the app to include a whisky ordering service at a later date.

Scotch Whisky App

Another database, the Scotch Whisky App includes a user-friendly flavor map. For those who don’t know, a flavor map is a grid that contains different whiskies and distilleries to indicate their flavor profile.

If you’re partial to a certain style of whisky, this feature could prove pretty helpful – particularly if you’re faced with a section of unfamiliar whiskies and want help making your decision.