Jura 10 Origin Review

A miniature of Jura 10 origin
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This was the second one I sampled from the set of 3 Jura miniatures I purchased, the other two being the Jura 16 Diurachs’ Own and the Jura Superstition but it is the last one I’m writing up so there isn’t much left to say about Jura in the intro that I haven’t already said.

Basically, is a small Scottish island and the Jura Distillery takes its name from that.

There were descriptions of each whisky on the box with this one being labelled “Light and delicate with a warming honey finish”. Now that description doesn’t really sound like my bad and the other two intrigued me more. But despite my initial description-based indifference I did what a good whiky review does and drank it anyway so that I could bring you this review. Without any further inane rambling, here is my review of the Jura 10 Origin:

About the Distillery

The Jura distillery is situated off the West Coast of Scotland, in the Inner Hebrides on the Island of Jura. It was originally established in 1810. After some time, it fell into a state of disrepair and was renovated and re-opened in 1884. It remained functional until circa 1900 when it was closed again, this time to be demolished.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that local businessmen Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith began a venture to rebuild the Jura distillery. The reconstruction was finalised in 1963, and after the installation of some taller stills, the distillery started production, creating various malts.

The island of Jura is home to over 5,000 deer and has a human population of approximately 212. It is a challenging environment with only one road, one pub, and one distillery. It is not the easiest place to produce whiskey. However, the single malt produced on the island is held in high esteem by whiskey connoisseurs all over the world.

Whisky Details

On the Bottle

“Origin is the whisky that begins the Jura journey. For that reason each bottle carries the traditional Celtic symbol for birth, beginning and the forces of nature. Slumbering for a full decade in quiet contentment, this beginning spirit has a lingering taste of warming gentle oak, notes of honey and caramel, soft liquorice and roasted coffee beans.”

Distiller: Jura Distillery

Region: Islands

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Age: 10 years

Tasting Notes


Lemons and an autumn/fall freshness. Black pepper, bananas, brazil nuts, floral notes, some apple juice and tinned pears. Pleasant.


The slightest spice, toffee nuts, dried peaches some dark chocolate coated almonds. It’s not bad but having had the Diurachs’ Own just before I can’t help but compare it to that and it lacks complexity in comparison.


Malty with a hint of Liquorice Allsorts and sweets. Very short.


An enjoyable nose and decent drinker but quite a way behind the 16 Diurachs’ Own. It is like that person you know who is really nice and unassuming but when it comes down to it they are just not very interesting. I also preferred the NAS Jura Superstition as it has bit more character.

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